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Terms and Conditions of Use

The terms and conditions of use stated below shall apply to all customers who purchase products on this website managed by BOJ Inc. (“We” or "the Company"). Before placing an order, please read the terms and conditions carefully as they apply to all products purchased on this website. We reserves the right, at its sole and exclusive discretion, to change, alter, modify, add, and/or remove any part of the terms and conditions at any time without any prior notice. The customer hereby agrees to be bound by any revisions to the terms and conditions from the published revision date. Further, we, in addition to the terms and conditions, reserve the right to add further terms and conditions for each product added to this Site.

Purchase Agreement
(1) The customer may place an order by entering the required fields on the order form on this website, clicking on the purchase button, and making a payment. At the time the customer receives order confirmation e-mail, a sale and purchase agreement in respect of the ordered product ("Purchase Agreement") shall be deemed to have been entered into between the Company and the customer.
(2) The product sale price includes consumption tax. In the event that a revision to applicable laws results in a change to the consumption tax rate, the revised rate shall be applied to the product sale price.

Returns and Exchange
(2) We shall accept returns or exchange of the product by the customer's choice where the customer finds that the product delivered from the Company is different to the one ordered, and contacts the Company within thirty (30) days ("acceptance period") from the date of delivery. Return shipping cost shall be covered by the Company. Accordingly the returned product should be marked cash on delivery (COD). The Company shall provide a refund (in Japanese yen) or provide a replacement product after confirming returned product is in mint condition without any damage.

Cancellation, Refund, or Change
(1) Once and order has been placed by clicking the purchase button and making the payment, the customer may under no circumstance to cancel the order change the contents or claim a refund.
(2) The customer may not cancel the order, change the contents or claim a refund when the product is not delivered on the customer’s preferred delivery date or during the customer’s preferred hours of delivery for reasons not attributable to the company.

Product Shipping and Receipt of Goods
(1) Product (including replacement product) shall be shipped within Japan only. (2) If the customer does not receive the product because the recipient at the delivery location has refused to accept it on the customer’s behalf, we shall be under no liability.
(3) Post office at the airport may ask for ID presentation for handing over the product. If the "Receiver Name" entered into the Order Form at the time of purchase does not match the name on the ID, the product cannot be handed over. However, we are under no obligation to ensure that the airport post office, lodging establishment staff or delivery person confirms the identity of the customer. We shall be under no liability to the customer or any third party for ay damage arising as a result of failure to confirm the identity of receiver.

No Warranty
(1) We do not warrant or guarantee any representation wither explicit or implied concerning a product’s quality or fitness for use.
(2) This website is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. The customer does agree that use of this website shall be at the customer’s own risk and responsibility.
(3) If the use of a product requires entry into an agreement with a communications provider, the customer shall agree to the terms and conditions stipulated by that communications provider. We provide no warranties or guarantees to the customer in respect of the customer being able to enter into an agreement with a communications provider, the period of that agreement or any subsequent revisions or changes to any other terms or conditions contained within that agreement. We shall not involve in any dispute arising between the communication provider and the customer concerning refusal to enter into an agreement or the contents or performance of any such agreement. Such disputes shall be resolved between the communications provider and the customer.

(1) We shall be under no liability in the event that any legal action is commenced by a customer for any damage arising as a result of use of this site or any product purchased on this website (including but not limited to direct, indirect, collateral, or consequential damage, opportunity loss, business shutdown, data loss or any other financial damage)
(2) If a customer has suffered physical injury or property loss or damage as a result of a product sold on this website by the Company, provided that said injury, loss or damage is the result of an act, omission or the gross negligence of the Company, we shall provide compensation to the customer of an amount up to but not exceeding the purchase price of the product.




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